Who is your most trusted to become our next Philippine President 2016?

In a bizarre turn of events, a survey conducted by The Rankings.com on who is possible to become the next Philippine President in 2016, the most vocal aspiring candidates for the position ranked poorly in the standing.  Vice President Binay came in the 6th place after Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte. Meanwhile, Sec. Mar Roxas came in the 9th place.

presidentiables for 2016 election       

If I perceived it correctly, these two are the most vocal individuals to their ambitions to replace President Aquino.  With all the posturing done by Binay and Roxas, it is an indication that they are not doing enough to win the vote of those who participated in the survey.  Surprisingly, ICC Judge and Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago, who has not shown any ambition to become president, came in the first place, followed by Senator Bongbong Marcos, PNRC Chairman Dick Gordon, and Gibo Teodoro in the second, third, and fourth place respectively.



Photo taken from http://www.theranking.com

Though this result may be dismissed by others as insignificant, I think it gauged the pulse of the voting public as to what they are looking for in the next leader of the country.  I know that surveys can be manipulated to suit your particular need, but surveys, if done properly, can become a strong tool to help any candidates pursue the right direction during campaign.


Sad to say, those who participated in the survey would not like PNoy to become president again if he is given an option to run for a second term, coming in 8th place just below Chiz Escudero.  Sen. Pres.  Franklin Drilon ranked 10th place.

Author: Imelda Baluyot

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